About Bench Craft Company

30 years ago, Bench Craft Company started with a handful of determined professionals and a unique idea. Today, we are a multi-million dollar operation employing well over 300 people.

We first opened our doors in 1982 with a 2 person team covering everything from sales to production. Since those humble beginnings we have grown into a worldwide brand with corporate headquarters in a 43,000 square foot facility in Portland, OR, 8 regional offices throughout the U.S., and recent expansion into Canada. Bench Craft now offers a complete line of custom designed products and fixtures and to fulfill just about any needs a golf course may have.

We can confidently say we are the best at what we do, and we take immense pride in our unique place in the golf course industry and our ability to connect local businesses and their communities through golf course advertising.

How it works

Bench Craft Company provides golf courses with high-quality, fully customized products at absolutely no cost.

How do we do it? All of our products are funded directly through local business sponsorship.  A local business owner gains advertising on a golf product and what they pay for the advertisement covers the cost of the product for the golf course.

This type of advertising give businesses in the local community a unique opportunity to be seen by their target market at a minimal cost. At the same time, the golf course is saving money it would otherwise be spending on products for their course. It’s a win-win situation.